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Sign Of The Holy Cross


Mar Toma Nazranees (St. Thomas Christians) draw the sign of the cross on themselves in a very special way.

            For drawing the sign of the cross on themselves, they hold the first three finger tips of the right hand joined together and the other two fingers folding inward as to touch the palm; then they touch first the forehead, then the chest, then the right shoulder and finally the left shoulder.  While signing with the cross sign, they pray:
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen.
By joining the first three fingers together, they declare:
There is only ONE GOD and in the One God there are THREE PERSONS.
By joining and folding the last two fingers inward, they confess:
God the SON, the SECOND PERSON of the Holy Trinity (namely, FATHER, SON and the HOLY SPIRIT), came down from heaven and took the human form, and in this God-man the DIVINE and HUMAN natures are joined together.

Mar Toma Nazranees, whenever they enter a church or chapel and when they take leave of it, make a profound inclination and bless themselves with the sign of the Holy Cross and confess the mysteries of the Trinity and Incarnation.

            During the Holy Qurbana or any other liturgical celebration, whenever the celebrant signs himself with the sign of the cross or blesses the congregation with the same sign, the Mar Toma Nazranees get themselves signed with this holy sign.
            It is also the custom of Mar Toma Nazranees that whenever they pass by churches or chapels, they bless themselves with the sign of the cross.

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