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1910 – Catholics of the locality build a thatched shed for prayer meetings.
1911 – Started a pallikkoodam in a thatched building to teach the young ones the Malayalam alphabets
1912 – the believers of the locality submitted a request to the bishop of changanachery to sanction a new parish.
1912 Dec 23 – the parish committee passed a resolution requesting the bishop to sanction a new parish of full identity.
1912 Dec 30 – the first trustees were elected.
1913 – the first baptismal ceremony. Parish consecrated in the proposed new parish.
1913 Sep 5 – Sanction obtained for the consecration of the church.
1913 Oct 2 – All the signatories belonging to the other parishes is the vicinity are accorded sanction by the bishop to join the newly constituted church.
1913 Dec – the parish celebrated the feast of St. Mary
1920 – sanction obtained to star an LP Schol.
1921 – LP School slanted
1924 – the school started clas IV
1925 Jan 1 – A cemetery built
1925 June 26 – the general committee decided to build a new building for for the church.
1926 Dec 5 – the new church was constructed.
1937 Sep 13 – ‘Kurisupally ‘ at Poovatholy was consecrated.
1977 – the existing church was renovated
1981 – Started a nursery school.
1982 – Nirmala matha Adoration convent chapel was consecrated

2012 – December 22 – New Church Consecrated

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